Saturday, January 23, 2010

What you don't watch, you can't learn from

I'm not a late night television watcher. I'm not really a television watcher, in as much as I don't typically watch live television. I have, however, paid attention to the recent debacle over at NBC that has culminated in the ousting of Conan O'Brien from the Tonight Show. Last night he gave his final words as the host of the longest running program on television, and on the recent events and attitudes were inspirational. They are embedded below, for all those who were unfortunate enough to miss hearing him live.

(Update 1/25/10) So NBC had YouTube pull the video I had embedded. I can't find another source for it right now, but The Huffington Post still has a copy up on their website. I can't include it here but I will give you the link. It's a little bit more work but trust that it's still well worth checking out.

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