Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thus ends the mayoral campaign of Adam Giambrone...

Damn that was fast.

Admittedly I haven't been Giambrone's biggest fan, but that's mostly because of the problems with the TTC. His arrogance made him an easy person to blame, and his desperate campaign to become the TTC's public face has made him the natural target. That said, the TTC is a gigantic and historic organization, and its problems are not his fault. He certainly hasn't helped matters, at least not in a public or tangible sense, but it's likely that he's been trying, albeit impotently thus far.

It's a shame that he's out of the race if only because it's one less voice in the mix. He's a young man, so maybe he'll be able to run again in the future, but he could have brought a new youthful perspective to this race. It's also a damn shame that his departure came as a result of his personal life, not his politics. I'm not defending what he's done, but do his actions discredit his potential as an elected official? I wouldn't recommend dating him, but there wasn't time to develop a strong opinion towards voting for him. Now he's out of the race because he lives in a way that the moral majority doesn't agree with, and his actual politics are secondary in a political election.

That's too bad.

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