Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boy Scouts Introduce Video Gaming Badges

The Boy Scouts of America has introduced a new pair of video game-related achievements. The Video Game Belt Loop and Academics Pin each require scouts to educate themselves and a parent/guardian about video games. Objectives include listing the differences between consoles, researching the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, creating and following a reasonable play schedule, and comparing retail prices and return policies in order to find the optimal purchase plan for a desired game.

This is incredible news. The Boy Scouts of America is a great site for social development, both in terms of the scouts and (just as significantly) their parents. Say what you will about its aims or progressiveness, the Scouts promotes education and healthier relationships between parents and their children. Frankly it's incredible to see video games embraced by such a traditional institution. It's an extremely positive sign that the general public is attaining a greater understanding of video games, which is integral if they are ever to be recognized as more than just an anti-social hobby. There is a cultural paradigm shift taking place as our generation comes to maturity and this is both the evidence and product of the change.

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