Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News Everyone! Futurama Is Coming Back!

Words cannot express how excited I am for the new Futurama episodes starting this June on Comedy Central. It's hard to believe that the show was actually canceled in 2003. That's seven years ago. I've been watching it with a feverish regularity for the past four years running and it still seems as fresh as ever. The four DVD movies they released were a welcome treat, though they did not reach the level of quality the show had risen to by seasons three and four. I'm chocking that up to the awkward format (each movie also had to be four "self-contained" episodes for broadcasting) and eagerly awaiting the new season. From what we've heard it should be very interesting.

Above is the teaser trailer for the new season of Futurama on Comedy Central. Below is the first official image from the new episodes. Apparently Comedy Central Insider is going to be releasing new details about the upcoming season every weekday from now until the premiere on June 24. Depending on how awesome they prove to be I may also post them here. Hooray!

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