Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ugh x 1,000,000: DC Announces 'Before Watchmen'

Today DC comics finally gave in and announced its inevitable 'Before Watchmen' line, seven mini-series that will act as prequels to Allan Moore's classic Watchmen. Each mini-series will feature one of Moore's characters/groups as its central focus, with one depicting the history of Dr. Manhattan (wait, didn't we get that in the original series?) and another featuring the tale of the Crimson Corsair...

... Seriously? For real? As if this didn't seem enough like a cash-grab already, they actually had to go and dedicate an entire mini-series to the Crimson Corsair? Sigh... Only slightly less horrifying is the promo image for Rorschach #1 (seen below) that depicts the character in a sort of goon-like pose silhouetted on his own face... Yeah...

Anyway, I would link you directly to DC's press release but as of this writing the DC website seems to be down. Perhaps Anonymous lashed out at them in response to this news. Either way, I read about this at Topless Robot and/or /Film, but the news is everywhere.

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