Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movies I Love: Road House

I was watching Point Break this past weekend when I came to a startling realization. I said to my friends, "This movie is great, but (with the exception of the scene where Patrick Swayze throws a dog at Keanu Reeves) it's no Road House." When my comment was met with nothing but blank stares it suddenly dawned on me that many of the people I care about most have not seen the1989 classic, Road House.

I consider this to be a tragedy of epic proportions. Road House is one of the best action movies of the late '80s, and everyone who appreciates that kind of cinema should see it and love it. I am dedicating this post to spreading the gospel of this incredible and hilarious movie, and trust me when I say that you are seriously missing out if you haven't experienced it for yourself.

Road House stars Patrick Swayze as Dalton, a professional bouncer who is hired to clean up a seedy roadside bar in small town Missouri. He ends up defending the locals from a corrupt businessman who rules the town with an iron fist and a private army of thugs. In the process Swazye beats the piss out of a ton of dudes and picks up the local doctor (Kelly Lynch) with the line, "Pain don't hurt." He also calls out to his bouncer-mentor (the amazing Sam Elliot) to help decimate the local bad guy population. Oh, and did I mention that the movie features Jeff Healey as the house act at the bar where Swayze works?

Road House is an outstanding and unique entity in the history of cinema. It's absurd like Point Break but tongue-in-cheek like Commando, and just as fantastic and action-packed as both those movies. You really owe it to yourself to see it if you have a sense of humour and/or a pulse. I too was skeptical when it was first thrust upon me but then I saw the light, and each person with whom I have shared the film has agreed: Road House is awesome.

If you need any further convincing to see it then I'll just add that the movie's tag-line is, "The dancing's over. Now it gets dirty." 'Nuff said.

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  1. One thing I've always noticed about Roadhouse? Like, nobody wears underwear.

    Good writeup, by the way.