Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Video Game

Top 10 Reasons This Game Looks Awesome:

1. It's Scott Pilgrim!
2. It's totally old-school
3. It looks exactly like the comics, only in motion and in colour
4. The amazing 8-bit music
5. It features a level on the TTC!
6. The in-game currency is actually Canadian! I see Toonies!
7. The developers are working the telltale Scott Pilgrim humour into the game mechanics (see the guitar battle sequence)
8. The awesome Akira reference in the fight with Todd
9. 4 player online co-op
10. The buzz for the game is really positive

11. Did I mention that it's Scott freakin' Pilgrim?!

My growing excitement for the explosion of the Scott Pilgrim franchise continues unabated. Add August 10 to the list of dates when I'll be doing something decidedly Pilgrim-related.

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